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Arthur the Invisibles 2 & 3 espouse positive messages about our connectedness with nature, down to the smallest insects, and about the importance of keeping your word.

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Arthur and the Minimoys: Books Arthur and the Minimoys by Luc Besson is an epic adventure tale about a little boy named Arthur, living with his grandmother in the country. He has a great imagination and loves inventing things and playing with his dog. Arthur's grandfather mysteriously disappeared years ago and Arthur is determined that clues were left behind for him.

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Download Arthur and the Invisibles (Arthur et les Minimoys)… Synopsis Arthur is a spirited ten-year old whose parents are away looking for work, whose eccentric grandfather has been missing for several years, and who lives with his grandmother in a country house that, in two days, will be repossessed, torn down, and turned into a block ofArthur Y Los Minimoys. Arthur y Los Minimoys 2 (La Venganza de Maltazard)...